Contemporary / Abstract / Fire Sculpture


I began my sculptural studies in 2003 as an apprentice, Metal Sculptor.  A strong interest in nature and science took me to San Francisco in 2006 where I began my studies of flammable liquids and fire effects. I work exclusively with steel and Oxy-Acetylene.  Establishing strong working relationships with fine art  foundries. It is at this time that I first understood that sculpture was the unquestionable voice, which would allow me to be true to myself while also giving back. My sculptures express my strong affinity with nature and my genuine love for life and humanity. I sculpt from my heart and  use nature’s raw forms to narrate love and joy through my pieces. I often find beauty and truth in life’s challenging times. A passionate observation of the human soul and of what life gives. Together with my sculpting skills and the voice inside, it has enable me to give back and to create sculptures that express true emotion.